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jack briggs-miller , 7th Mar 2014
  The March, May and June sessions will focus on Goldwork. At each of these meetings there will be a demonstration of a technique. Materials...
jack briggs-miller , 17th Feb 2014
The exhibition has been created in response to a year long residency taken by artist Jevan Watkins Jones at the Chavasse VC House, Personnel Recovery...

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This Is What The Perfect Facebook Post Looks Like

Alex Davis,24th Apr 2013

I recieved an email from Aldo Baker linking me to this facebook infographic ...

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This Is What The Perfect Facebook Post Looks Like

Alex Davis,24th Apr 2013

I recieved an email from Aldo Baker linking me to this facebook infographic ...

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Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Cover Photo Sizes

Alex Davis,4th Apr 2013

Created by Stephen Gilbert, these are the exact image sizes you need for ...

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HAT Projects
16th Mar 2014

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Website Design Ltd
21st Jan 2014

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I make RepRap 3D printers also do 3D printing services Rapid prototyping for...
I'm a graphic designer with a vinyl cutter and heat press. T-shirts and signage...
I'm Shannon, a graphic designer and illustrator and I run MEDIArcher Design....
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Knitting Essential Techniques

gary,15th Dec 2012

These resources give you the necessary information on how to knit. Brought to ...

I'm definitely up for doing something! I've been thinking of doing a photography zine for a while but didn't where to get it seen?

There used to be Colchester 101 and Colchester Circle, both of which have now stopped.

Altho the Circle's Facebook says

"Thanks for following the Circle! We're taking a break...watch this space!"

I know they used to be based here at 15 queen street.

might be worth might be worth getting in contact with them.

I have had the exact same thought. Let's do something about it, yes?

I am a social person, but I never did such thing. Now I feel to do something , so that I can make a little change in this world.

Hi There

The quickest a probably cheapest way to create a website these days would be to use wordpress.

Most hosting companies now offer wordpress installation as part of their entry level packages, eg. fasthosts or godaddy. These often come with a one button click setup function.

Wordpress is a free but powerful tool and can allow non-techy people set up functional and good looking websites quickly. It has an easy-ish admin interface and a very active user community so if you have an questions on how to do something, just google it.

What sort of thing are you after? There is a new studio opened in Harwich, called Old Bank Studios and the owner is an interior designer specialising in teaching textile work, I'll ask her if she offers anything along this line at her studio. Will post back when I find out!

I use Webplus x6 from Serif software - similar in use to Dreamweaver I am told but at around £40..... wayyyyy cheaper.
If you are a student, I believe you can get discount on some Serif software too.
There is also a free downloadable starter version to give you a feel for it before you buy at www.serif.com


I'd love to join in with this - how, where, when etc please?


I used to use Dreamweaver years ago and haven't touched it since. I remember it being really easy to use.

What do you want to site for?

If you want a simple site for now I always recommend tumblr: www.tumblr.com and wordpress: https://wordpress.com/

Otherwise a know a few people that use wix http://www.wix.com/

I would recommend contacting the lovely chaps at Colchester Digital. They are a huge network of local digital savvy souls who could recommend a programme. They meet on different dates throughout the month. Find out more here: http://www.colchesterdigital.co.uk/